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Address:  Merton Road Reserve
Entrance off Howard Hunter Avenue, St Johns

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         BMXer Needs        


What the BMXer Needs
In order to ride/race on any of the tracks in New Zealand you must wear the
proper safety gear.  Please wear full race gear when ever you are on the track


  •    Long trousers - close fitting at the ankle ideal to avoid mishaps with the chain
  •    Long sleeved top  
  •    Shoes and socks  
  •    Gloves - full fingers.
    • For first time riders knitted gloves work well
  • Helmet - If you have one a mouth protector is a good idea, otherwise a road helmet will do, to start wi

    Please ensure that the helmet fits
    Fitting is firm not loose


For those who are starting out any bike will do. If you get to be a bit more serious about it you
will be able to purchase second hand bikes at either club nights or the various open meetings.
Do talk to the club before purchasing a bike, as there are do's and don'ts in what sort of bike
to buy, this could save a lot of heartache later on.

    Freestyle bikes - Please remove pegs and use pads if they are available.


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