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Town & Country Champs -                      Novelty Events:

Pit Bike Races:

Classes: UCI 10 and under, UCI 11 and over mixed

Format:  Points over 2 motos, one moto Saturday, at end of days racing, and one

moto Sunday, after completion of round two.

Bike description: Bike to have 16” wheels.  Please ensure stand is removed.

Race Day Organiser/Scrutineer:  Bob Martin

Entry:  $1, pre entry or on the day.

Prizes to all riders.

Parent & Child Relay Races:

            Conditions of entry:

·        Parent must accompany their own child.

·        A parent wishing to enter does not require a BMX NZ licence, however must wear safety gear, being a full faced helmet, long pants, long sleeved shirt, gloves and suitable footwear.

Format: Points over 2 motos, one moto Saturday at end of round three, and one moto Sunday before the finals.

Race Day Organiser    Bruce Northwood

             Entry:  $1 pre-entry or on the day.      

             Prizes to all riders.

Best Decorated Bike or scooter:

            Conditions of entry:  Open to any children, riders or spectators. 

                                                Bikes can be of any type, race or non race bikes.

Judging:  Bikes to be taken for judging to bike stands provided at points hut area   at close of registration (2pm) on Saturday. 

(Please remove any club/rider identification from bikes to assist in fair judging ). Winners to be announced at commencement of race meeting.

Judges decision is final, no bribes accepted.      

            Entry:   Free.

Race Day Organiser;  Jo-Anne Wright 

Sack races:  to be run before prize-giving, free entry, prizes to all entrants.

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