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February/March 2003

It’s a shame about the bad weather the last couple of weeks. Let’s hope we get back to real summer again soon!


There is some BMX clothing for sale, at reasonable prices,  at the point’s hut – some smaller and some larger. There are still woolly gloves also. There’s also a new medium adult sized helmet for $100.

Auckland Champs

These were held at Anniversary Weekend at Waiuku. Ut was a great weekend with sun, sun, sun!


Thanks to Judy Eden for helping Sheryl out with shopping for the barbecue. Sheryl is still looking for someone to oversee the barbecue and/or take the gear home each week.

Training Nights

These are going well with riders enjoing themselves and refining or learning new skills. Mel has been doing a wonderful job setting up and packing up but would really appreciate the offer of help from parents who are waiting for their children. Many hand make light work!!

At the February committee meeting it was decided to confine training to East City members only.

Other East City riders who are not officially attending or assisting in training should make a $3 contribution towards the use of the facilities.

The ram on the start gate required a $400 service recently and regular maintenance to the track is not cheap.

It would also be appreciated if parents/riders could bring their payment to Sue or whoever is collecting the training fee for the night.


We aim to start racing at 6.30 on clubnights. With the days growing shorter again it won’t be long before we are racing to finish before dark.

Please try to get to check in at the points hut by 6.15 so that we can complete paperwork and get the riders to the start ready to begin by 6.30. Those who come late could miss the first round of racing!

Wine and Cheese

It was fantastic to see so many people there. John Coker outlined BMXNZs perspective on the Nationals and Rik Simpson talked about what the club plans to do leading up to the Nationals.

I’ve also included the recipe of Sarah’s yummy cheese log.

Points form the meeting:

·       Lighting of the track is being requoted for so that we can apply for funding and get these upo as soon as possible. Some of the ground work has already been done.

·       The track will stay essentially the same.

·       Minor modifications to jumps to make them safer/better will be done.

·       The track may be limed to make it more wet-weather friendly.

·       Some modifications to the edges of the track may be done to provide greater spectator space.

·       Some retaining wall near call up & the start ramp need replacing.

·       Raising the level of the finish staright and the part of call up nearest the points hut will reduce the ned for retaining.

·       The tyres will all be removed.

·       Two joined, 40 foot, insulated containers will be put on the bank at corner 2 near call up as a kitchen.

·       We need sponsorship to help cover cost of running the Nationals. A letter outlining the benfits of sponsorship is in the process of being drafted. Hopefully all club members can think of someone they could approach ofr monetry sponsorship of the event or an age group. Product is also another option as it can be raffled.

·       A group of people will be set up to apply for grant money to cover costs. If you are in a bar or venue that has gaming machines could you please ask at the bar for application forms.

·       Providing food for the 1000 or so people who will attend the nationals is also a good fund raiser for the club. Several options were discussed including getting caterers in for a share of their profit and/or catering ourselves.

·       BMXNZ will organise the officials for the Nationals so that East City only have to worry about keeping the track running and catering.

·       Janine Brown? Is looking into club clothing – hopefully for this Nationals.

·       Sub-committes will need to be set up to deal with different aspects of the preperation.



Needed a few people with a couple of hours to spare in the next 2 weeks.

The most urgent job is getting sponsorship from local motels. East City will be giving out a flyer at this year’s Nationals at Hamilton advertising for the following year. It is usual to advertise local motels on the flyer so that people can book early for the following year. We need to approach some motels to ask for sponsorship to advertise on the flyer and several other times leading up to the Nationals.

If we could get a group of people to do a few motels each it would not be a difficult task. You would be provided with a standard letter from the club, explaining what they needed to pay and what the benefits would be to them.

If you are willing to help ring Debbie Baxter on 535 5285 asap.


If everyone does something, no matter how small, towards running the club or Nationals preparation it will make the load lighter for everyone. Please feel free to volunteer your services/expertise/willing hands. It will be most appreciated.

World Championships

Those of you who are on e-mail will have had information on these passed on to you from BMXNZ. They are being held in Perth in July this year. The last time they were in Australia a large number of NZ riders attended. East City was able to get Gaming Trust money to contribute towards the riders’ costs. If you are planning to go or seriously thinking about it can you get in touch with Rik Simpson so that a similar funding application can be put in.

Up-coming Events


1/2              Northern Region Champs                                Whangarei

8                 Waikato Mooloo Champs                               Hamilton

9                 Waikato Mooloo Champs                               Cambridge

15               Super Bonaza                                                   Waitakere

16               North Harbour Chocolate Meeting

22               Twightlight Meeting                                          Sunset Coast Waiuku

23               Papakura Open

29               Tauranga Twilight

30               Bay of Plenty Champs                                     Tauranga


6                 Pot Luck Meeting                                             East City

13               Pre-Nationals                                                    Hamilton

18/19/20    Natinal Champs                                                Hamilton


3/4              Northland Champs                                           Whangarei

18               Cambridge Meetring

18               Mud ‘n’ Muck                                                     East City

25               Northern Region Winter Series                       East City