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Town & Country Champs - Team Challenge Events





Each teams place will be determined from each team members points from the first four motos of the race meeting (Saturday). Teams to keep their own points.



On the day. Entries to be submitted by close of registration on Saturday 15 February 2003. Clubs to nominate their team contact people or person. Entry is $2 per team.



Junior Challenge Trophy:

(Donated by the Job Family) age UCI 10 and under.

Open Challenge Trohpy :

(Donated by Richard Mclachlan) open mixed age groups.



Official Team Entry Form:

Event Entered: (plse circle) Junior Challenge Open Challenge


Riders Name Club Plate No: UCI Age M/F 20/CR Signed












The Team abides by the rules as set out on the official form provided.

All team members have consented to entering this competition and have signed this official form.


Team Contact: Signed:



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