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Address:  Merton Road Reserve
Entrance off Howard Hunter Avenue, St Johns

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Track Rules
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East City Club


Club Nights

  • Club night fees are $2 per night per rider
  • Usually there are five races for each rider
  • Certificates awarded on the basis of points gained
  • Racing is held in ability groups so that riders of similar speed are grouped together
  • All club members receive a club newsletter once a month and flyers advertising the up coming outside
  • Once you join, you are issued with a license by BMX NZ - the national body.
  • Check out the latest membership application form for current fees, be it for a novice or full license
    • Full license enables riders to compete up to national championship level
    • Novice license allows a rider to compete at low key meetings at other tracks, excluding North Island champs, Auckland champs and Nationals.
  • There is a BBQ and tuck shop running at every club night (extra help is always appreciated)
  • Parking is off street, but please be aware for your neighbours vision of the track
  • During each club night there are numerous club members that are only too happy to pass on their
    information and expertise.
  • Working bees are held when needed and before hosting an outside event. The bee's start early and
    last for a few hours only. Many hands make light work. 
  • Our start gate is electronically operated. Riders ready, watch the lights, go is on the green light. If you
    are not ready or lose your balance as the starter says rider's ready, you may call out NO, but it must
    be loud enough for the starter to hear, once watch the lights has been called out its too late to stop.
  • There are still some gates that are manually operated. Rider's ready, wheels to the board, then the
    gate is dropped.There are a limited number of bikes, helmet and gloves for hire on a night by night basis,
    first in first served.
    Track Rules  - These are for your safetly
  •  Ride one way round the track only
  •  Full racing gear when on the track at all times 
  •  No stopping on the corners or jumps
  • Gate Starts - Must stay in your lane until end of yellow line
    Committee contacts 


Phone No.
Fax No.
Rick Simpson
Sue Simpson
Sarah Clinch
Graham Warbrooke
Debbie Baxter
John & Judy Coker


Development Squads
Junior National Squad                   Intermediate National Squad
M Flower 9 year boys A Coker 16 years
M Simpson 12 year boys    
J Small 10 year boys    
Senior National Squad                   Northern Region Development Squad
D Newth Elite Men D Clinch 9 year girls
K Warbrooke Junior Men W Clinch 11 year boys
    B Simpson 15 year boys




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